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"Malaikat dan Zoo" Cassette from Indonesian label Noise Bombing

by Arrington de Dionyso and Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa


This 60 minute limited edition cassette tape was issued by Yogyakarta based label Noise Bombing with production at the historic Lokananta Music Factory in Solo, Central Java. Side one documents the concert recording of "Malaikat dan Zoo" in August of 2017, a collaboration between members of Malaikat dan Singa and Yogyakarta's ZOO with Arrington de Dionyso on voice, sax, bromiophone- Bhakti Prastyo on bass and electronics, Obet Gozalie on drums and percussion, and Mo'ong on self-made wind and percussion instruments. Side two features the same crew in collaboration with Sentul Manggol dari Kampung, a traditional "Reog Ponorogo" based in Kampung Ngendut, Ponorogo East Java under the guidance of Didin Tjakra Wibawa. I'll warn you, the recording is kinda lo-fi, but you will cherish the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of this historic cross-cultural collaboration.

Want to listen before you order? You can taste it here- https://noisebombing.bandcamp.com/track/index-b