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NEW BOOK! Molecular Temples: Sacred Mushroom Paintings of Arrington de Dionyso

by Arrington de Dionyso

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"MOLECULAR TEMPLES: The Sacred Mushroom Paintings of Arrington de Dionyso"
This book is not a book but a map of masks and a flask full of hyperspace. It's written in a language of signs and tides and when the moon is full the disappearing ink returns to its guttural forms. This is the Songbook for sing-a-longs to the Songs of Psychic Fire. This is the hallway pass to the Ayahuasca Tasting Room. This is the Chariot drawn by Dragons on the Mycorrhizal Highway.

55 pages of full color paintings created from April, May, June and July of the year 2020.

SEE OPTIONS ABOVE - I will personalize your book with a special ink sketch on the back page if you choose the "customized" option.