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by Arrington de Dionyso

$100.00 / Sold Out

The "Exquisite Oracle" Tarot Deck was created by Arrington de Dionyso during a durational performance piece that took place in Bergamo, Italy on the 14th and 15th of November, 2014.

Audience members were each given a blank card upon entering, upon which they were to write any question of their choice. The cards were handed to the artist with the blank face up, who, without reading the question, immediately began channeling the creation of a "Psychic Tarot" inspired images. When audience/participants then realized which images corresponded to their individual questions, the results often resonated with deeper meanings- sometimes humorous and sometimes full of impact.

To commemorate this one of a kind performance event, Invisible Shows curated the printing of and edition of 50 copies of this one of a kind improvised tarot deck. All of the images are black ink on high quality card, the reverse side of the image features the original questions both in English and Italian. The cards are excellent for those readers who are more familiar with traditional tarot motifs yet find themselves looking to investigate further beyond the typical cliches associated with presenting these ancient archetypes.

PLEASE NOTE- This is a numbered edition of 50, of which only 8 remain. This will never be reprinted in any form.