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Set of FOUR CDR releases, limited edition

by Arrington de Dionyso and This Saxophone Kills Fascists


Steep discount if you order all four! These are all brand new CDR releases of previously unheard music. I'm trying to raise some extra funds for my upcoming trip to Indonesia to help with the expenses of travel and related to sharing support with the communities that host me. The first ten orders will also receive an original concert poster!
(also visit www.arrington.bandcamp.com if you would like to hear before you order, or if you want to order individually)

1. Unheard Indonesia Vol. 11: Jaranan Kampung Dokar with Arrington de Dionyso- RIVETING trance music from East Java meets free jazz saxophone pyrotechnics. This event was LUAR BIASA (totally crazy!) tons of kids went into trance and made a huge mess. One of my favorite experiences performing in Indonesia.
2. Unheard Indonesia Vol. 12: Saronen Irama Putra with Arrington de Dionyso- this one is recorded in Sumenep on Madura Island- the "saronen" is a double reed instrument like the tarompet or shenai, but played at a joyfully breakneck pace. There is some HEAVY percussion sounds here with a tong tong group in the back, and some great vocals by village elder Bapak Pusa'e along with This Saxophone Kills Fascists...
3. Minneapolis to Malang: Arrington de Dionyso with International Novelty Gamelan and Singo Budoyo- this album comprises two very similar sounding sessions- one recorded in Minneapolis with International Novelty Gamelan, and the other recorded in Malang, East Java with Singo Budoyo! Really amazing to listen to the contrasts in the different approaches, both accompanied by sax and/or bass clarinet.
4. This Saxophone Kills Fascists: Live at Beacon Sound and Hollow Earth Radio- this is two different concerts back to back from This Saxophone Kills Fascists- the Beacon Sound gig is one of the best trio free jazz sets I've ever delivered, with Sam Klickner on drums and Keelin Mayer and I both on tenor saxophones. Part two at Hollow Earth Radio is a once in a lifetime set with over 15 different guest saxophonists- a wall of sound both menacing and liberating, and surprisingly "un-messy".